Nail Biting with the Dawgs

That game was too close for comfort. Lee and I watched the first quarter of the UGA vs. South Carolina game on television, then listened to the rest on the road. The game started awfully, with Larry Munson constantly reminding us of the grim score, “Dogs down 16 to nothing. 16!
It was a nail biter until the end, but the Dawgs pulled through for a win. I’m not a big football fan, but I am a big Georgia football fan. I enjoy the game if I really care about the outcome, and for some reason I really care about UGA’s team.
Trent has made fun of me and others for saying, “We won,” or “We lost,” or we whatever – because it’s not like I was on the team or on the field or physically did anything to contribute to the win or loss. But I still say it, because I feel tied to the team by my ties to the university – and when they win, I feel like I’ve won too. When they lose, that’s okay, I’ll still proudly wear my red and black. But it sure is fun to win.