Hitting the Target

The first time I saw the red target symbol appear on the southside, I got very excited. It was on a sign for the construction entrance to the new Target store – the first one in Savannah.
Lee and I love Target. The nearest one was in Bluffton, SC – a good 45 minutes from home. But we’d drive there sometimes on a Saturday to shop, to browse, to get ideas. I know, it sounds sad, but we just really like the store.
So we were delighted to hear one was opening in town. Unfortunately, it’s on the complete opposite side of town -but our Target distance has been cut from 45 to about 20 minutes. Tonight, Lee and I had our maiden voyage inside the shiny new Target’s doors. I got some boots. And some sheets. And face wash. All very exciting.
A Home Depot is being built less than a mile from my house. Now if I can just get an Ikea down the street, flanked by a Chic-Fil-A and a Zaxby’s, I’ll never leave.