The Annual “Yell Yourself Silly” Hockey Game

Yesterday, I was nursing a sore throat. Not because of the sudden chill in the air, but because I spent Saturday night screaming.
It was the annual hockey classic – the one chance each year to see ice hockey in Savannah. Lee and I watched the UF/FSU game (which went into a shootout and was quite good, especially because UF lost), but all the cheering was done during the UGA/Ga Tech game. It, too was very close. And the best team won – the dawgs of course.
There were plenty of good fights on the ice for me to scream about. But there were also fights off the ice too. There was a young kid with a very big UGA flag who was running circles around the arena, which was filled with mostly UGA fans. This was cute the first time, silly the second time, and annoying the tenth time.
But he still didn’t deserve getting tripped. A kid about his age, wearing Tech colors, tripped him right in front of us. The kid went flying, his flag went flying, and it got ugly. He started yelling at the Tech kid, whose parents – instead of scolding him – congratulated him for knocking the flag kid down. Great role models.
The flag kid left, but the cops came over soon after. The family talked itself out of getting tossed out of the arena, the flag kid took one more lap (surrounded by friends) and then all was quiet.
Except for my screaming of course.