Fashion Failings

When I see some young people and the trendy things they wear, I’m jealous of their good fashion sense and their willingness to take fashion risks. But tonight I was reminded that there are still plenty of young people out there with terrible tastes.
Overheard while I was waiting to pick up a bridesmaid dress at the Bridal Mart:
“We looked at tuxes, but haven’t decided yet on the vests,” said one young man to a girl and her mother. They were discussing wedding attire. “We checked at one place, and they had camouflage vests.” I thought maybe he was kidding.
The woman replied, “Really? That’s just great!” She was quiet as she thought about it some more. Then she gushed further, “I really like that idea. How neat! Camouflage vests. You should do that!”
The young man, “I mean after all, the guys always wear their boots with the tuxes anyway.”
A girl trying on a prom dress chimed in, “I know my date will wear his boots, but that’s fine as long as he doesn’t wear them for the picture.”
The mom added, “Well the guys should get to wear their boots, especially since all you girls get to wear flip-flops with your dresses.”
Everyone nodded in agreement.
That’s just silly.