Month: April 2005

Nia Turns Two!

Well, her actual birthday is in a three days -but today we celebrated Nia’s 2nd birthday. She’s growing so fast now – physically, yes, but socially even more so. Every time I see her, she has learned so… Read More

The Only Gnats I Like

Lee and I went to our first Savannah Sand Gnats game of the season. It was a beautiful night, and there was a huge turnout. I had a healthy dinner of nachos, boiled peanuts, and diet coke, of… Read More

Not a Good Sign

I’ve seen this man several times, and have always wondered what his story is. He’s an older man who often rides his bike around our side of town. He has wild, bushy gray hair, and never wears shoes…. Read More

Take a Breath

One week ago today, we celebrated Erin and Dave’s wedding in Savannah. I’m still excited about all the fun we’ve had over the past few weeks. I’m also still exhausted. But it was all worth it and I’d… Read More