Nia Turns Two!

Well, her actual birthday is in a three days -but today we celebrated Nia’s 2nd birthday. She’s growing so fast now – physically, yes, but socially even more so. Every time I see her, she has learned so many new words (important ones like “Ginger” and “Lee”) and is speaking in whole phrases and seems to be understanding so much more.
Last year, she cried when her mom brought out the birthday cake. Everyone was staring at her and singing and I think she was a little overwhelmed. Not this year. Not only did she help blow out her candles, but she ate with a utensil (sort of).
And might I add, in the picture above, that stuffed animal behind her is the birthday present Lee and I gave her – a red panda we bought for her at the Knoxville Zoo. I was quite proud that she carried it around with her for much of the party. I think the panda was a hit.
She is so much fun to be around, and I can’t imagine what she’ll be like next year at her third birthday party. Not that I’m rushing her – it’s just great to see her grow into her own, special person.