Let the Packing Begin

Nearly every room in my house is now crowded with cardboard boxes. But instead of making me nuts, seeing the boxes makes me glad, because they’re signs of progress.
The last week has been crazy. So crazy I hadn’t even wanted to write about it because I was so frustrated with the whole house buying process. One day, everything with the sale of our house is great. The next, we get bad news and are sure the deal has fallen through. Then, the deal is back on. Now, another delay.
We still aren’t sure when we’re going to close. We were supposed to close in five days, but the loan complications have nixed that. I’ll feel a lot better when our buyers can give us a date and a time for the closing. Meanwhile, we’ve started packing the house. That’s helping me get excited about the new house, although with all the ups and downs, I’m not going to be completely excited until the keys are in my hands and the deed is at my bank.
On a sort-of-related note, there is a new store in town that Lee and I love. It’s a chain called World Market, and it just opened here about a month or two ago. They have everything from furniture, to greeting cards, to candy, wine, food, and gifts. The stuff isn’t Ikea cheap, but it’s also a bit nicer and not too terribly expensive. We walked through it today, dreaming up all the things we’d like to buy for the new house. We’re going to need a second loan.