Month: January 2006

Expecting and Hoping

When the sonographer touched my belly, I held my breath. “Okay, let’s see,” she said. “Wow, your bladder is really full.” “I know.” Of course I knew that! This was not what we needed to find out! Thankfully,… Read More

Top Three Sports Venue Pet Peeves

Lee and I recently indulged in one of our favorite sports past-times – watching UGA crush Florida in a hockey match in Savannah. Those are great phrases. “UGA crush Florida.” “Hockey match in Savannah.” This year was no… Read More

Moving In, Again

It kind of feels like moving weekend again. Boxes everywhere, our floor strewn with crumpled up newspapers that had been cradling our breakables. We’re tired, but I’m feeling more settled than I have in a while. We began… Read More

Oh Happy Day

I was just about to start writing about the excruciating wait for the arrival of our countertops when I heard the long-awaited rumble of a diesel engine. From the upstairs office window, I saw two trucks pull up…. Read More

The Kitchen Countdown

I distinctly remember standing inside the kitchen company’s showroom in October as the project manager assured me, “it’ll be done well before Christmas. It’s not a very big job.” Unless he meant Christmas 2006, we’re a bit behind… Read More