Moving In, Again

It kind of feels like moving weekend again. Boxes everywhere, our floor strewn with crumpled up newspapers that had been cradling our breakables. We’re tired, but I’m feeling more settled than I have in a while.
We began upacking all the kitchen boxes that have been stacked eye-high in our dining room for five months. Our kitchen still isn’t finished, but it’s close, and we’re finally cooking. Our working stove ROCKS, and it’s wonderful to enjoy the smell of simmering food in our house – something I’ve missed since we moved.
But of course, a stove doesn’t cook all by itself. The first night the stove was working, Lee and I came up with a tasty menu for our first meal in the new kitchen. He requested crab bisque with toast, and a mocha chocolate chip cheesecake. Sounds easy – but where is my spring form pan? Where is my spatula? A can opener? I looked at all the boxes in the kitchen and my spirits dropped.
But Lee helped me dig through them, and luckily we found the necessary tools fairly quickly. This weekend, our unpacking continued and we probably got through two-thirds of the 4 million boxes in our dining room. The down side is that our dishwasher is not yet working, so all of our dishes have to be washed by hand. My hands are quite clean now, but rather wrinkly.
Our washer and dryer were also installed Friday, so we spent all weekend washing clothes. I’m happy to say that right now, the only dirty clothes in this house are the ones we’re wearing. It has been a long time since I’ve seen the bottom of my hamper. And how great is it that my washer and dryer work without first requiring a deposit of quarters?
We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s starting to feel a little more like home. I like seeing my dishes in the cabinets and my cookware on the stove. And grilled chicken, fresh green beans and sweet potato casserole were a nice change from the burger and fries.
Tile backsplash either tomorrow or Tuesday. Bring it on!