Letter to Baby: Week 18

Hello little one! It has been three weeks since my last letter, and my how we’ve grown. You’re about twice the size you were at week 15, and I can tell. We went to the doctor this morning, and she seemed to think you’re doing very well, which is always good to hear. We got to listen to your heartbeat, and even though we have a device at home that lets us listen to you more often, it’s still amazing every time. You still sound like Pac-Man, but even louder than before.
All the websites I read say you are starting to hear things now. Last night, your Dad and I crawled up into the attic and dug through boxes to find all the children’s books I’d been storing away. We brought a few down, and last night I read, “I love you, blue kangaroo,” to you. It’s a sweet story that I bought for your dad when we were dating, but I wonder if you’ll like it when you’re older. It’s about a girl who has all these stuffed animals, and one starts to feel left out as she gets more and more new stuffed animals. In the end, she reassures the blue kangaroo that she loves him best, but it’s still sad to watch him looking so dejected. I used to be that girl, I swear. It might have tormented me to read this book at the time and think I was justified in worrying about their feelings. I know, I’m dramatic, but that’s just how it was. For now, I just hope you like the sound of our voices. We’ll worry about the stuffed animal guilt later.
I also talked to you in the car the other day. Other moms have told me they talked to their babies, so I gave it a try. I have to admit, it was a little strange at first. I was sure the people in the cars next to me thought I was crazy. But if you can really hear me, then I don’t care what they think. We’ll talk again soon.
In three weeks, we’ll find out if you’re a boy or a girl (as long as you don’t get shy and hide it from the sonographer), and I promise, we’ll be very happy either way. We’ve been thinking about names for you, and are trying to pick something that will be unique, but not weird. I promise not to call you what one lady at work calls you. When I see her, she’ll say, “How’s Bubba today?” Yes, you will be born in the south, but no, we will not call you Bubba.
It’s time for bed now, you need your sleep and so do I. I look forward to spending tomorrow with you again.