Letter to Baby: Week 35

Hello little one! I hope you are enjoying your nap. You seem to have settled down for a bit after kicking and squirming all evening. I still like playing with your elbow, but now I seem to have even more little parts to play with. All your feet and hands are toward my belly button, and sometimes I think you’re waving them all around at once. I just love it.
We had another ultrasound today. Because you’re growing so much, the pictures of you are much harder to get because each part of you fills the whole frame. But I liked this picture – it’s of your foot. The foot I’ve been playing with, and the foot I can’t wait to put pink socks on. The sonographer also showed us that you have hair! It was the cutest, spikiest hair right on the back of your head.
Your feet are certainly cuter than mine right now. Your dad calls them my “Flinstone feet,” and I think it’s a fitting description. My ankles are swollen and my toes are puffy and none of my shoes fit. I wear your dad’s flip flops around the house because they’re the only shoes that aren’t tight. How bizarre is that? My hands have swollen too, and I have to wear my wedding rings on a necklace. I don’t like that part, because I miss having the rings on my hand. But I also don’t want to cut the rings off, so it’s safer for everyone for them to stay on the necklace for now. Do you know how I know your Daddy loves me? The other night, after I’d already climbed into bed, he sat at the bottom of the bed, grabbed my feet, and massaged them. It was such a wonderful surprise, and felt glorious. All I could murmur was, “don’t look at them.” He said he was trying not to. But don’t worry, I’m not upset about my feet and hands. They’re pretty funny looking, so I laugh at them at good bit. And it’s a temporary aggravation I’m more than happy to endure. There are too many wonderful things about being your “house” for me to get upset about puffy feet.
The doctor says this is probably the last ultrasound we’ll have of you before you’re born. Part of me is sad because I really look forward to my appointments when I know I get to see you. But at the same time, that means we’re close to being able to see you in real life, not just in a grainy picture on a black and white screen.
Your daddy and I have continued working hard to get your nursery ready, and it’s almost done. He put the stroller and swing together (and I put a stuffed animal in the swing to keep it warm until you get here). He painted your armoire – and while he was painting I came in the room one time to say hello and he was doing the cutest thing. He’d been listening to music, and I wasn’t paying attention to it at first. But as I stood there talking to him, I realized they were songs for children! Very sweet, funny songs that I think you’ll like. I thought it was adorable that he was listening to music he wants to share with you while he worked in your room.
There is a nice rain falling outside, and it’s making us sleepy. I hope you sleep well, and I look forward to seeing you – actually seeing you – really soon. I love you very much.