Month: July 2006

Cramming For My Civics Test

In the past, leading up to every election day, I researched candidates and issues and had a pretty good feel for who would get my vote. I did this not only because I’m a big believer in the… Read More

Strolling the Stroller

For several weeks I’ve been taking it easy so I wouldn’t push myself into premature labor. But now that I’m full term, I’m looking for ways to encourage things along. So tonight, Lee and I took a walk… Read More

Turn Baby Turn

It’s not easy to type this way, with my butt in the air. But if it makes a difference, it’s worth it. I’ve been conferring with my sometimes friend, sometimes foe Google lately. For the last several weeks,… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 37

Hello little one! It’s official – as of today, we are considered full-term. That’s wonderful news, because even though I have wanted to see you for a long time, I knew you needed to bake for at least… Read More

My New Culinary Invention

We are going to be so rich. I just created a brand new dish, and quite by accident. Lee and I had a Mexican-themed lunch at Nikki’s house today, and when I was talking to her on the… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 36

Hello little one, and Happy Fourth of July! Or, more importantly to me, Happy Week 36! Today we are officially 9 months pregnant, and that is a huge reason to celebrate. Your daddy and I lit sparklers in… Read More

Fighting Off the Crocs

I won’t give in. They’re circling all around me, but I won’t fall victim to their death rolls. They are plastic, they are loud, they are ugly, and – worst of all – they’re so popular they can’t… Read More