Letter to Baby: Week 36

Hello little one, and Happy Fourth of July! Or, more importantly to me, Happy Week 36! Today we are officially 9 months pregnant, and that is a huge reason to celebrate. Your daddy and I lit sparklers in the backyard a few minutes ago, and the first thing I did was draw your name with the bright light.
It still seems like we have a lot to do to get ready for your arrival, but we made gigantic strides on your nursery over the weekend. Your Grammy came to visit, which was a big help. Your daddy and I have been working on the nursery for so long, and needed some fresh energy and ideas to help us finish all the details. We’re still waiting on a couple of valances we ordered, and we need to get you a laundry hamper and a bookcase – but other than that, I think it’s ready. And those things could wait a little while. If you were born today, we could bring you home to your nursery and be very proud.
What used to be my least favorite room in the house is now my absolute favorite. When your nursery was your daddy’s office, we never put a lot of effort into fixing it up. It was partly his office, and partly a repository for things we didn’t know where else to put. But now, it feels all at once calming, beautiful, delicate and sweet.
I’m very happy with your bedding, and I hope you will be too. The little animals are precious, and I think they bring an element of fun and whimsy to the room. After much debate, your daddy finally found the perfect curtain solution, and just installed these curtains to help block light while still complimenting the embroidered trees on your valances.
Grammy and I spent ages sorting through all your clothes and arranging them according to style and size, and it was so much fun. We loaded your armoire, and even hung your pink bathrobe on the back of the door.
We also used pink ribbons to add some “girly” touches to the room.
Your changing area is ready too, stocked with newborn diapers that are so tiny I can hardly believe you could be that small.
Your daddy and I love to go into your nursery now, even if we just stick our heads in the door to look around. It’s still hard to believe all these baby things are in our house – but I’m so grateful. Sleep well (I hope the fireworks aren’t scaring you as much as they are scaring the dog), and know I can’t wait to see you soon. You are loved!