Cami’s New Toy

Our sweet baby still has her days and nights mixed up, sleeping soundly when the sun is shining, and ready to party when the moon is up. We try to maximize her awake time during the day, hoping she’ll be good and sleepy when nighttime comes. So, most days she spends a little time with her new toy – a rockin’ Gymini.
It’s a brightly colored mat on the floor with lights and music and tons of toys dangling from overhead. Some of the toys have crinkly ears or spin. She’s still too little to interact in a big way with all the toys, but I think she’s entertained by them nonetheless. She seems to like looking at the mirror, and at whichever toy is hanging nearby:
Sometimes, if she’s hungry or sleepy, it’s all just a little too much. Like when this elephant tried to play with her when she was tired:
But I still think her favorite is when her Daddy holds her and makes the toys talk to her:
Lee swears she was reaching for some of the toys the other day. I swear she followed the elephant with her eyes yesterday. Genius!