I Hate Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place to visit. Lots of fun restaurants and clubs, malls and even an Ikea for goodness sake. I can understand the appeal, but it’s just not my speed. I can’t stand sitting in traffic, and I would have a hard time leaving Savannah’s marshes, parks, and beaches for Atlanta’s concrete and highways.
But I have a new reason to dislike Atlanta. It is a friend vaccuum. It is sucking up all my friends.
We already have lots of family and friends living there. My brother and his wife are there. Some good friends from college are there. About a year and a half ago, a couple living in Savannah moved to Atlanta because the husband was offered a great job opportunity.
One of my best friends at work has been flirting with the idea of moving to Atlanta, and about a month ago the flirting turned into to something more serious. She’s moving there at the end of this month for a better job.
Then, the hardest news of all. Our good friends Nikki and Andrew (and of course, precious Nia and Nate) are probably moving to Atlanta in October. Andrew was offered a promotion, and I don’t blame them one bit for taking the opportunity. But the selfish part of me wishes the promotion could somehow keep them here. Nikki and I have been close for a while, and I have looked forward to Camille growing up with Nia and Nate. I know we’ll still see each other, but it won’t be as easy to decide to spend a Saturday together at the park or the beach.
Another couple we’d befriended in Savannah moved to St. Louis about 2 years ago. We just found out today they’re probably moving back south – to Atlanta!
I wish we wanted to live in Atlanta. Since I work for the state, most job promotions would lead me there. We would live closer to my family, yet not much farther from Lee’s. I have a feeling there’s a much better chance Dave and Erin would end up in Atlanta than Savannah. Now all I need is for Anna and Jason to tell me they’re ditching Portland for Atlanta, and I’ll scream. I swear.
So, we’re feeling a bit lonely since most of our social group has left town or will be soon. We’ve been thinking of ways to recruit new friends, but I wish we could just keep the old ones nearby instead. I’ve even thought more about Atlanta, trying to decide if we’d consider moving there to be closer to all these people.
But I stand firm – I love living in Savannah. I love the culture, the landscape, the ocean. It’s big enough to have a Target, but not so big that I have to fight traffic to get to work. We envision raising our children here, our SUV full of sand and sleepy kids after a day at the beach. We want a boat so we can take them out on the water to fish, swim, and enjoy the salty air.
So for now, I guess we have to work on my master plan to win the lottery and buy a plane. Then Atlanta, and so many people we love, would only be a quick trip away.