Letter to Camille: Three Months

Hello sweet angel! You are 3 months old today, and I’m constantly amazed by how quickly you’re growing. Sometimes you still seem like such a little baby, but at other times I look at you lying in your crib or chilling in your swing, and I can’t believe how big you are.
Last week you moved up another diaper size, and this picture is proof of how well you’re growing. When you were born, you wore the smallest diaper. Now you’re in the bigger one on the right:
In this last month, you have begun to smile so much more and it brightens my world every time. You’ve started giving me this look where you’ll smile and stick out your tongue just a little bit, and you’ll drop your chin and look up at me like you’re being shy or coy. It’s precious. I’m melting into a puddle of goo just thinking about it. And you’re beginning to really hold your head up well. Before long, you’ll probably be sitting up on your own.
I still hate leaving you to go to work in the morning, but your Daddy is doing such a good job taking care of you. Sometimes, when you are being especially talkative, Daddy will call me so I can hear you babbling. One day you started really shaking your rattle, and he called me so I could listen. Those phone calls are often the highlight of my work day. He’s so sweet to keep me involved in what you guys are up to, because I miss you both very much.
The weather has finally begun to cool, and it even felt – dare I say – chilly a couple of nights last week. I enjoyed taking you outside and wondering if you noticed the change. Your Nana bought you a Halloween outfit, complete with a ghost hat. You like the outfit, but you’re not too sure about the hat:
One day last week, your Daddy and I took advantage of the nicer weather to go on a picnic. We packed a lunch and strolled you over to Daffin Park. You were so sweet, lying on a blanket, kicking and looking around while we ate.
You’re such a sweet baby, and I know sometimes I aggravate you by covering you in kisses. A dentist I work with warned me after you were born that I shouldn’t kiss you or let other people kiss you, because mouths are so germy. I told him that was just too bad. Sometimes, when I come home from work and hold you, I’ll just kiss you all over your head and chubby cheeks and nose until you’re squirming to get away. But I can’t help myself. You’re just that sweet.
Sleep well my little angel. Your Nana is here and can’t wait to play with you in the morning. Then your Grammy and Aunt Erin are coming to visit, and I know you’ll have fun together. I’m happy to share you, but I’ll still savor each moment I get to cuddle you close, smell your sweet baby scent, nibble your ears and kiss you until you can’t take it anymore.
Thank you for being you, and for all those smiles, coos, and cuddles. I’m so proud of you. Always know you are loved, little girl.