Every time I look at this picture, I want to laugh. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad mom.
Alva and Erin were in town this weekend to celebrate Alva’s birthday. Friday night, everyone donned a party hat for this picture, including Camille. Okay, so I have a picture of her where she has a rather pleasant expression on her face. But I like this one! She grew tired of the hat pretty quickly, and announced her displeasure with a nice, loud wail. She’s a very agreeable baby, but on those occasions when she does not agree, she lets us know.
It was a great weekend. Thursday, my mom came to stay with us for one night, and was only too happy to watch Camille all day Friday while Lee worked. They took the first of what I imagine will be many Nana-Cami shopping trips to the mall. Then we had the birthday party Friday night, and Alva and Erin were able to stay until Sunday. They entertained Camille quite well, and vice-versa. She has slept all day today – I think she’s still recovering from all the fun.
Saturday night, we carved a pumpkin and it ROCKS!
It was great, because Alva, Erin and Lee did all the messy work. I’ve always liked the idea of pumpkin carving, but in reality, it kind of grosses me out to stick my hand in it’s head and scrape out the “meat.” All the stringy parts feel like wet hair, and the whole thing seems a little too surgical. But I was able to help carve out the design on the front, and that was fun. We get far more trick-or-treaters here than we did in our old neighborhood, so I hope the carved, lit pumpkin will be a nice welcome sign for all those kids. i would like to say Cami enjoyed her first pumpkin carving, but she was asleep. Maybe next year.
Today, we had a doctor’s appointment for Camille, who now weighs 11 pounds and 15 and a half ounces (can’t we just call it 12 pounds?). While we were in the waiting room, another couple walked in with their newborn girl. She was 6 days old, and at birth, weighed about the same as Cami when she was born. She looked SO TINY sleeping in her infant seat, still so unaware of the world around her. I kept looking from her to Camille, who was sitting up on my lap, holding up her head, and looking all around. I’d been able to tell Camille was growing, but the contrast between Cami and this newborn was startling.
Camille’s appiontment went well – she’s still a wonderfully healthy girl and I’m so glad. And so lucky.
Meanwhile, the weather is really cooling, and tonight, we may have frost and temps in the mid-30s! Time to get out the fleecy pajamas.