Happy Halloween, Sweet Pea!

What a cutiepie! Camille was a pea in a pod for Halloween. I spent all day calling her my little pea pod, and just melted as soon as I slipped the fuzzy green costume over her head. I’m not sure what she thought of it. The head piece looked a little uncomfortable because it was too tight. Yeah, so the costume is for infants up to 9 months, but the designers didn’t count on such cute, chubby cheeks. The bottom part looked more comfy, but a little on the warm side for an 80 degree Halloween day.
Even though she was only in costume tonight, she was dressed for the occasion all day in an outfit from Aunt Carol. She gave it to her back in September when we stayed at her home one night. There, on our bed, she’d left a gift bag. The card stated the simple truth, “Sorry Lee and Ginger, it’s not about you anymore.” Camille’s new Halloween outfit was inside.
Poor Cami was only able to greet a couple of trick-or-treaters. I blame that squarely on whoever thinks we still need to switch back and forth between daylight savings time and regular time. BABIES CANNOT READ CLOCKS. We are no longer an agricultural society, and I think it is time we embrace that notion and stop fooling with the clock. It was already hard enough to keep Camille awake until 8 p.m. Now, we struggle for 7 – because to her, that’s really 8.
So we were able to snap this one picture of her at the door with a pair of supercute trick-or-treaters. She was precious, leaning against me as if to say, “Mom, I’m not sure about these people at the door all dressed up. I’m sticking close to you.” In reality, she was probably saying, “Mom, I just learned to hold my head up and you’re walking around holding me with just one arm. I’m going to lean into you so I don’t fall and bonk my head on the floor.”
I look forward to taking her trick-or-treating some day. Maybe by then, she’ll be able to hold her little pea pod eyes open past 7 p.m.