Letter to Camille: Five Months

Happy 5-month birthday, little bear! I swear, any day now I think I’m going to put you on your quilt on the floor and you’re going to jump to your feet and take off running. You are growing so big and strong, and sometimes I can hardly believe how much more you seem to be able to do every day.
Just last night, it was almost bedtime and you were playing on the floor of your nursery. Your Daddy and I were watching you and tossing toys to you as you rocked from side to side on your back. Then you rolled to one side and really started pushing, trying to roll all the way over to your belly. Your Daddy and I must’ve looked funny, because we were cheering you on and both leaning in the direction you were trying to roll, as if by shifting ourselves we’d somehow help you roll over. And you did! Your very first unassisted roll! You did it again tonight.
Many babies will first roll from their tummies to their backs before they learn to roll back-to-tummy. You decided to take the road less traveled and do back-to-tummy first. You don’t mind being on your tummy as much as you used to – you’ll play that way for 10 or 15 minutes now – but you still get tired of it after a while. So it’s funny when you roll from your back to your tummy, because you look so proud of yourself at first. Then you realize you’re on your stomach, and get pretty annoyed.
This month you’ve also really started struggling at times with your teeth. None of them have appeared yet, but we can tell they hurt. I’m sorry we can’t fix it, and I wish I could help you understand. Meanwhile, everything goes right into your mouth, and your favorite chew toy of late has been your toes. They’re my favorite chew toy too, so I understand. I’ll share.
This month you’ve also started giving hugs. When I pick you up and rest you against my shoulder, you’ll often bury your head in my neck. It is SO CUTE.
This has also been a big travel month for you. In these first 5 months of your life, you’ve visited 5 states. You were in Miami for Thanksgiving, you’ve had 2 trips to Athens, and another to Tennessee – all within the last month. You’re not too fond of long car trips, but we’ve finally figured out that it’s much easier to travel at night while you sleep peacefully through the whole ordeal. Thankfully, once we arrive, you are a very social baby and like seeing new places. You’ve tolerated baths in strange sinks:
And you make people smile wherever you go. Especially those grandparents of yours.
You have them all wrapped around your finger. Granddaddy will ask you for a smile, and you’ll obligingly grin at him, and I can see him melt a little more.
In the last 2 days, you’ve really started to get the hang of this eating-off-a-spoon thing. Yesterday, I was shoveling pears into your mouth and was shocked to pull the spoon away and not see pears dripping down your chin. Then I heard you take a big GULP. You ate several successful bites, and I wondered if you just really liked pears. But tonight, when I pulled out the peas, you gobbled them up too.
You weigh about 15 pounds now – 15 pounds of sweet baby just perfect for nibbling. The other day, some older lady lovingly called you a “fatty.” And you know what? That’s fine by me. You’re a healthy, growing baby with wonderful pudgy baby arms and legs. Just like you should be. I mean, look at your cheeks! I just want to eat them!
Your personality has really begun to emerge in this last month, and has made being your mama even more fun.
Five months ago, I had no idea what a precious package was being delivered to me. I’m so lucky to be looking forward to tomorrow morning, when I’ll open your nursery door to be greeted with your smile and a laugh, and we’ll share a nice breakfast of baby toes. I’m proud of you, and I love you very much.