Pink Ponie

I bought it as a Christmas present for Lee, but now I’m addicted to the Guitar Hero game for Playstation 2.
My band is called Pink Ponie. It was going to be “Pink Ponies,” (in honor of one of Camille’s favorite stuffed animals), but Lee accidentally hit the save button before the final “s” was added.
Looking at the name on the screen, I decided Pink Ponie was far superior. Because it’s just a little wrong. A little naughty. A little rock and roll.
The first few days we began playing, when my addiction was at its zenith, I’d concentrate so hard on the screen and all the notes flying at me that the images would start to swim. I’d lay down at night and close my eyes, only to see the game in front of me.
I’ve beaten the first 2 levels, but am miserably stuck on the next one. I could play the stupid game all day, so it’s a very good thing that we usually only have time after Camille has gone to bed. Unfortunately, the game is hooked up to the TV in the guest bedroom, right next door to the nursery. So… we have the volume way down which makes it a little harder to rock. But it’s still fun.
Speaking of – the sweet baby is sleeping, the dishes are clean, so it’s time to go let the Pink Ponie rock.