Hello Everything

Camille is a quick study, and has figured out that a simple twist of her wrist makes me giddy. She has learned to wave, and it is SO adorable.
I don’t think she understands the social significance of waving. I don’t think she uses it to signal hello or goodbye. But it’s still very endearing. I first noticed it last week when she’d stop eating suddenly and stare at her outstretched arm as her tiny hand moved from side to side. She’d study it, like it was the first time she’d ever seen her hand. She’d eat some more, then stop abruptly again as if she thought, “I wonder if that hand is still there. It is! Mom, have you seen this?” And she’d stare and stare as she rotated her hand like she was turning an invisible doorknob.
She continued doing this all day, and whenever her hand happened to be stretched out in our direction, we’d start smiling and squealing and making a big deal out of how cute she was and we’d wave back.
So now, she waves at everything. Yesterday morning, she waved to the humidifier in her room. Then she waved to Daddy, then kept waving as I carried her down the stairs. Hello mirror on the wall. Hello kitty on the stairs. Hello foyer.
Last night, I had to go to a SCAD basketball game because of a work-related event, and Lee and Cami came too. She sat in the bleachers and waved to the crowd. She is a princess, so maybe she’s practicing her royal wave for her loyal subjects.
She did not, however, wave at the SCAD Bee mascot. I think she was concerned that his costume looked too much like a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. Good girl.