Month: February 2007

Letter to Camille: When Others Don’t Play Nice

Hello sweet napping bear. I’m so proud of you! I just put you in your crib for an afternoon snooze, and so far so good. You still don’t really like napping – wait, let me rephrase. You LOVE… Read More

Would You Like To Be Friends?

When I was younger, it seemed easier. I might see a girl on the monkey bars at recess, decide to join her for a swing on the rungs, and by the end of the school day we’d be… Read More

Letter to Camille: Seven Months

Hello, Princess Camille! That’s what I call you when I see the picture of you in your polka-dot dress with your matching beret. So regal. Such a royal highness. You are 7 months old today, and just full… Read More

More Fun With Photography

For Valentine’s Day, my sweet Valentine gave me yet another toy to add to my photography arsenal. It’s a wide angle lens that can also serve as a macro lens, and it’s too cool. Before, it was nearly… Read More

In a Flash

I love taking photos, but was often discouraged because the image I saw with my eyes wasn’t always what ended up on the digital card. Often, lighting was to blame. The built-in flash on my camera delivered a… Read More

The Juicer

I’m very proud of the fact that I breastfeed Camille. Nursing her seems very natural. But, being a working mom means I also have to use a breast pump, and that is decidedly not natural. It’s necessary, I’m… Read More