More Fun With Photography

For Valentine’s Day, my sweet Valentine gave me yet another toy to add to my photography arsenal. It’s a wide angle lens that can also serve as a macro lens, and it’s too cool.
Before, it was nearly impossible to get a shot of an entire room. Standing in the living room doorway with my old lens, this was the widest shot I could get:
But with my wide angle lens, standing in the exact same spot, I can see this much of the room:
And the macro function lets me take pictures a lot closer too. This is a pic of the Valentine Camille “made” at daycare, taken with my old lens.
From the exact same distance, I could get this much closer and still be in focus with the macro lens:
It’ll be fun to experiment with the new lens, especially on my favorite subject, Miss Camibear. Speaking of, we’ve had a fun weekend. Yesterday, we went to the 100th birthday party for Daffin Park despite the cold, blustery temps. To make sure she was roasty-toasty, I tucked her into a blanket and topped her with a pooh hat. She puts up with so much.