Busy Busy Busy

The last couple of weeks have been so busy, with plenty to write about. But unfortunately, that also means there was no time to write. I know I won’t remember it all, but in the last 20 days:
Alva, mom, Nikki, Andrew, Nia and Nate, and Professor Kaufman have all come to visit.
We took a trip to Fitzgerald, another to Macon, and Cami, Mom and I went to Fernandina while Lee went to Sarasota.
It has been a great 2 weeks, aside from some sleep deprivation issues I’ll address at a later time. We love company and are always excited to have friends or family under our roof.
I especially wanted to write about Nikki’s visit. It was her first trip back to Savannah after leaving town, and it was so great. We had the whole family over for dinner on a Tuesday night. After we ate our take-out Mexican food, we all crowded into Cami’s room to play. The kids were so cute together.
We read books on the floor, and Cami and Nia really seemed to enjoy it. Nia is one smart cookie. We’d read a book to her twice, then she would “read it” back to us. She had memorized the entire thing, and could recite it with near perfection.
When I was pregnant and we found out Cami was a girl, Nikki and Andrew started joking about her being Nate’s future wife. Well, when we were playing up in Cami’s room, Nate had his Daddy’s cell phone and was pressing buttons to make it play music. He’d dance and dance while we all laughed. I held Cami up near him and helped her dance too. Nate slapped at the phone and the song changed from a rock song to a nice, romantic classical piece. As if he wanted to turn on the charm for the little lady. The timing was perfect.
I took off work Wednesday to spend the day with Nikki and the kids while Andrew worked in his company’s Savannah office. That day was so special to me. We hung out at the house for a bit before heading to Leopold’s for some ice cream. I tried to get a picture of Nia enjoying her treat, but Miss Cami is a bit of a ham. She leaned in front of the camera, and I got this fun picture.
Then we went to Daffin Park. The weather was great, and Cami and I spread out a blanket in the sand and watched the big kids play.
One of the great things about spending time with another mother of young children is that you learn so many things. When we got to the park, Nikki asked if Cami liked the swings. It had honestly never occured to me that she might be big enough for a playground swing. But with Nikki’s assurance that DFACS wouldn’t be called, I was brave enough to let Camille try the baby swings.
It went over very well! She laughed and smiled and enjoyed herself immensely. So did I.
The worst part about the day was that it just made me miss them even more. In my fantasy land, I could be a stay-at-home mom, Nikki would move back to town, and we’d spend every day eating ice cream and playing in the park. I know that’s not reality, but a girl can dream, right?
At least we had that day, and maybe we can do it again before too long.
Lots more to write about. But for now, bedtime. The baby is stirring and we could be in for a long night.