I wouldn’t have been surprised if, when I opened the front door of our house today, a team from the CDC dressed in white moon suits was busy putting biohazard signs around our front yard.
Last Tuesday, Miss Camille didn’t seem quite herself at daycare, and they were a little concerned. Wednesday morning, she woke up with terrible tummy upset. I called her doctor, who said a stomach bug was going around.
Apparently this is a nasty bug. We watched poor Camille suffer and tried our best to comfort her. By Thursday, Lee was sick. I was glad I could mother them both, and worked hard to try to help them feel better. By the time I went to bed I was feeling run down.
Then, at 4:30 Friday morning, I found myself on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet. That’s when Lee called for backup, and Alva was on her way.
Thank goodness for Alva. Somehow, she managed to take care of all three of us, do all of our laundry, rearrange closets, and the list goes on. I think she may be part octopus, with eight arms to accomplish all those tasks.
Friday was terrible. I haven’t felt that sick in a long time, and the emotional toll was almost as bad as they physical symptoms. It’s a pretty rotten feeling to know your baby isn’t well, to hear her whining and fussing, and yet not be able to respond. I knew she was in good hands, and that Lee and Alva were bowing to her every wish. But when she’d cry, it was hard to stay under the covers and try to ignore it. But to get up would mean to upchuck, and that would do no one any good.
Saturday we were all starting to mend a little. This morning, Lee, Cami and I woke up feeling even better, but were surprised that Alva didn’t join us for coffee and pancakes. When Lee went to check on her, he discovered that the stomach bug had struck another victim. Alva came to our rescue, and this was not a nice way to repay her.
Against our protests, she left this afternoon and headed home. I really wanted to take care of her like she’d done for us, but I knew she needed to be at work this week. It was still sad to see her go.
We needed a break from our quarantine, and wanted to get out of the house for some fresh air. We intended to go to the beach, but several traffic accidents had closed the bridge, so we went to Skidaway State Park instead.
Unfortunately, we weren’t really dressed for walking the trails, and didn’t have a stroller or baby carrier. Cams loves riding on our shoulders, but it’s not the most comfortable for us, and our walk didn’t last long.
So instead, we enjoyed the beautiful weather by lying in the grass together in our front yard. Camille even decided to add a little roughage to her diet. I hope it helps! I snapped this photo before pulling the grass out of her mouth. I was quick.
Fingers crossed that tomorrow she feels even better.