Sandy Baby

The weather has turned quite warm, so Lee and I felt today’s blue skies created a perfect opportunity to give Camille her first real taste of Tybee Island. We found a fantastic parking spot, and snagged a stretch of sand not too close to all the Bocce ball players to set up our umbrella and blanket. And as promised, I brought sunscreen this time.
The breeze was wonderful, and as luck would have it, dolphins were swimming by just off shore. I showed them to Camille, but I don’t think she was very intersted. Yet. One day, I’m sure the sight of them will be as magical to her as it still is to me.
She didn’t stay on our blanket for long. Camille enjoyed rubbing her hands in the moist sand, and – of course – getting a real taste of Tybee as seen in this video:

I’d been told to let her eat some sand, because after her first experience with it she’d learn her lesson and realize it’s not edible. Someone forgot to tell Cami though, because she managed to get four or five mouthfuls down. Exfoliation from the inside-out.
She enjoyed crawling around on the beach, with me close behind of course. I’d never thought about how many tiny shells are strewn about, and she was interested in tasting all of those too, so I had to be vigilant.
We put her little sandy toes in the water, but I think it was still too cold to be enjoyable. But she definitely seemed to give the beach a general thumbs up, and I look forward to taking her back there soon.