I shouldn’t be blogging. I should be sleeping. My alarm is going off at 4 a.m., but I have a feeling I won’t fall asleep quickly tonight. I’M TOO EXCITED.
Tomorrow, we’re heading to Portland to see Anna and Jason and baby-Polly-in-the-belly. It has been about a year since I last saw Anna, when she surprised me by coming to town for my baby shower. The last time I saw Jason was at Erin and Dave’s wedding. It has been far too long and I miss them so much. And I can’t wait to introduce Camille to them.
I’m also not going to sleep well because I’ll be going through a mental list of everything I’ve packed, and trying desperately to think of what I’ve surely forgotten to pack. Lee keeps reminding me that we’re not going to a desert – they have stores in Portland where you can buy things if you forget things.
So my biggest obsession is to be sure I have everything Camille will need on the plane, because while they have SkyMall magazine, I don’t think I can buy a can of formula and have it delivered mid-air. Or a toy. Or a blanket. Or some tylenol or orajel if she starts screaming.
I’m very curious to see how this whole flying thing is going to go. Camille is usually a pretty easy-going baby, but this is new territory. I’ve already braced myself for the stares we’re likely to get coming down the plane aisle as people silently pray, “please don’t sit by me. Please don’t sit by me.” I hope Camille proves them all wrong and is an angel. But I can’t help but fear the opposite. It could be a very long flight.
I also wonder how the time change will affect her schedule. And subsequently, my schedule. Will she stick to her east coast routine, going to sleep at 5 p.m. pacific time, and getting up at 3 a.m.? We shall soon see!
I’ve been packing for several days now, and Camille has been helping by trying to climb into the suitcase. I keep assuring her she gets to ride in the plane with us and doesn’t have to get into the luggage, but she has her doubts.
Despite my wariness of the potential pitfalls of traveling with a baby, I can’t wait to start the trip. It’ll be great to be with such good friends again.