Still an Infant

Turns out, the woman at baby school who told me Camille would be moving to the “waddler” room on Tuesday was mistaken. I was talking with the other teachers today about Camille’s big move, when the daycare manager walked by and overheard. She pulled me aside to talk about it, and as it turns out, Camille wasn’t on her list to move up just yet.
“Now, if you really want her to go ahead to the next room, we can give it a try,” she said. “I just didn’t think she was quite ready yet.”
No thanks! I sprang at the chance to have Camille babied for a little bit longer. When I asked the manager when Camille would move up, I liked her answer. “I don’t know. Whenever she’s ready. They have their ways of letting us know.”
She’ll be in the waddler room soon enough, and I’m in no rush.