Playin’ in the Park

I’ve been out of the business for nearly 2 years, but I still feel like I’m getting away with something when I have a holiday off. That was one part of my previous career that got old. Quickly.
So today, I was very happy to be spending Memorial Day with Lee and Cami, and we discovered something new. There is a park, Hull Park, that I forgot was in our neighborhood. I drove by it the other day, and was delighted to find a little kiddie spray pool. This morning, we slathered Camille with sunscreen and headed out there.
I really didn’t expect her to like the water splashing in her face. There were several spouts spraying water into the air and on the surrounding concrete steps. We gradually moved closer and closer until we were soaking wet, and she loved it! I’m glad we found it, and I know we’ll be playing there again soon.