Compliments to the Chef

It’s not like I spent hours in the kitchen, carefully preparing a fine, delicate dish or anything. But Miss Camille LOVED the spaghetti I made for lunch, and I was flattered. I guess it wasn’t technically spaghetti – it was spaghetti sauce and hamburger meat, but I used rotini instead of spaghetti noodles because they’re easier for her to pick up.
Camille gobbled up the pasta so quickly I barely had time to cut up the next piece before she was asking for more. I can never put much on her tray at once, because she’ll shove it all in her mouth until it’s so full she can’t even chew. But if I paused to take a bite and left her tray empty, she’d protest by slamming her hands on the tray. Impatient? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely. Lee got this video of my happy but hungry eater: