Letter to Camille: Your Daddy Rocks

Hello sweet pea! Did you know today is a special day? It’s your Daddy’s first Father’s Day, and whether you realized that or not, you sure did give him lots of sweet hugs and smiles. And I’m glad you did, because baby girl, he deserves them!
Uncle Trent just sent you a onesie in the mail. It’s from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and it says on the front, “My Daddy Rocks!” These are true words in 2 ways. Your Daddy loves music, and your Daddy rocks as a daddy.
How do I know your Daddy loves you?
Well, he tells you all the time, but that’s not the only way I know. He loves spending time with you, and one of your favorite Daddy-Daughter treats is the guitar. He keeps his acoustic in your nursery, and the two of you play nearly every day.
He lets you pluck the strings for a bit, then he serenades you while you watch. You just started clapping this weekend, and tonight, you applauded while he strummed and sang. It was adorable. He even brings the guitar along for your bath sometimes, singing to you while you splash.
I know he loves you because he’s always there for you, even when it’s not fun. He’s been to almost all of your doctor’s appointments, holding your little hands and comforting you if you cry.
I know he loves you because he gets up in the morning to play with you. Baby girl, this is a big deal. He is NOT a morning person. In the beginning, things worked out nicely because you’d go back to sleep after I fed you. While I got ready for work, you and Daddy would snooze together in bed for a little bit.
But a couple of months ago, you decided that after breakfast, you were ready to play! This was hard for Daddy at first, because it meant no morning snooze. But every day he throws back the covers anyway, even though he’d like to sleep until noon if he could, and the two of you play while I get ready for the day.
For several months, after Mommy had to go back to work, your Daddy kept you at home. This wasn’t easy, being a full-time stay at home Dad and a full-time business owner. At times it seemed impossible. But he did this because he loves you and wanted to keep you at home as long as we could. He also knew how much I missed you when I was at the office, so nearly every day he’d send me a photo of the two of you. A photo like this one:
Do you know how else I know your Daddy loves you? This weekend, we took you swimming in a pool for the first time. We were in Tennessee visiting Nana and Granddaddy, and took you down to the community pool. I was very excited about seeing your reaction, but when I stuck my toe in the water, I gasped. It was so cold. So very cold. Very, very cold.
I really didn’t think you’d like it, and I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to get in the water. But your Daddy, without hesitation, climbed in. I handed you to him, and despite the chilly water, you felt safe and content there in your Daddy’s arms. He eased you into the pool, and you LOVED IT!
I eventually got in the water too, but it was your Daddy who was brave enough to jump in, not even knowing if you’d be willing to follow.
And do you know how I know you love your Daddy? Well, you light up when he walks into the room. If he’s not looking at you, sometimes you’ll start squealing in his direction until you get his attention. You laugh when he tickles your toes under the highchair. You love to copy him when he’s making funny faces (which happens a lot!):
And how else do I know you love your Daddy? Tonight, when I was getting video of you playing in your room, you even told me so yourself.

Baby girl, we are both so lucky to have your Daddy in our lives. And I’m excited for you. I have always been close to my Daddy (your Granddaddy!), and that relationship has meant so much to me. Little girls and big, grown-up girls need their Daddys, and I know you need your Daddy too. And I’m happy because I know he’s right there for you, nibbling your toes, kissing your cheeks, and showing you every day how much he cares.