A Small Step

My little sweetie is getting braver every day. She’s been walking by holding on to furniture for quite a while, but yesterday she took her first little step. I can’t say she’s truly walking yet, but she’s awfully close.
She walks very well if you hold her hands. Recently, she’d begun to stand up unsupported briefly by letting go of whatever piece of furniture was providing support, but she’d quickly plop onto her backside. But over the past few days, she’d let go and stand for several seconds, quietly concentrating very hard on finding her balance.
Yesterday, I happened to be videotaping her as she played in our living room after dinner – a very messy dinner which is why she was stripped down to her diaper. She’d been banging away at her piano, when she stood up and turned toward me (most likely because I was holding a video camera which usually gets her attention, but hey, I’ll take it.) She stood for a moment, then a longer moment, then put one little wobbly foot in front of the other – all to the sound of many cheers.

She did it again today when we were playing with her friend Baby Sterling. She’d been walking around holding on to my fingers, and when I stopped she let go but kept standing. She teetered and tottered, then seemed to find her center and got very still. Then she took a little step forward before plopping to her butt. We were all quite impressed.
Such a brave girl!