House For Sale

Together we walked to the edge of the yard, and Lee drove the sign into the bed of ivy near the sidewalk. That red and white sign advertising a house for sale. It’s dark, so I didn’t bother taking a picture.
I feel nervous. A little sad. Unsure. A little excited too.
The last (and only other) time we sold a house it felt different. Not that we didn’t love that house. It was the first house either of us had ever owned. It was the first place we’d lived as a couple. We put a lot of sweat into that house, and it felt good to watch it blossom around us. But when we made a decision to sell, it seemed like a no-brainer. The house was definitely too small. The real estate market was hot. And we could finally get into the neighborhood we’d been longing for. We knew we’d be trading our bungalow, cute though it was, for something grander.
When we sold that house, it was all about the house. It was about moving from one house into a bigger and better house/neighborhood. But this time it’s about a lot more. Things have changed, our priorities have changed, and having just the right house in just the right neighborhood isn’t the top of the list anymore. I’ve said it before – selling this house will hopefully open doors for us.
But it’s not as clear a decision as it was when we sold our first house. I find myself weighing the pros and cons often, trying to decide if we’re making the right “move.” I always end up coming to the same conclusion, that this is what we need to do. But that didn’t keep me from glancing back at that sign in the yard as we walked toward our front door, wondering again if it belonged there. If we are ready.
But first things first. Before I can get all emotional and sappy, we have to actually sell the house. And with the market the way it is these days, that may be no small task. Ready or not, we may be in this house for a while yet. I’m terrified at the prospect of keeping this house “show ready” all the time. We live in nearly every room of this house every day. We toss baby toys around. Our laundry seems to pile up so quickly. The dust bunnies of dog hair reproduce faster than I can chase them with the vacuum. For that reason, I hope for a quick offer. Let the bidding wars begin – right?