Help For a Baby’s Aching Ears

I was somehow disappointed and relieved all at the same time today when the doctor announced that Camille needed to have tubes inserted in her ears. I had prepared myself – after all, she’s had 2 ear infections back to back during a summer month when babies don’t normally get ear infections. But the news still made me sad.
On the one hand, I want her ears fixed. I’m tired of the ear infections, and I know she must be really tired of them. I don’t want to keep pumping her full of antibiotics that aren’t working. I don’t want her ears to hurt anymore.
But a little part of me hoped he might have some other, better solution. That wasn’t to be. So if he believes tubes are her best option, then tubes it is. As much as I don’t want her to go through the surgery, I also didn’t want him to tell us to just wait and see if she gets some more infections and send us out, with me feeling certain the next fever, earache, antibiotic shot and ensuing diaper rash were surely on the way.
She’s scheduled to have it done in a week. They say the procedure is very simple and should only take a few minutes. They say it’s so mild she could even return to daycare that afternoon (which she won’t be doing because I want to keep an eye on her). I know others who’ve had the procedure done on their children with much success. I’m hoping for the same results for Camille, because the little girl needs a break.