Happy 500th blog post, Gummibunny!
Two of Camille’s favorite things are walking around outside and dogs, so Lee and I knew Octoberfest would be a hit.
This morning, we wandered up and down Riverstreet through a sea of Dachshunds and their owners getting ready for the annual wiener dog races. The few bleachers were already packed and the dogs are pretty low to the ground, so unfortunately we didn’t actually get to watch any of the races. I don’t even know how early you have to get there for a spot on the bleachers. But we still enjoyed checking out all of the dogs congregating around the race area, and Camille was able to pet several.
Then, we went to Sterling’s first birthday party, which was a lot of fun. I tried to get a good photo of Camille and the birthday girl, but they were a constant blur of motion. I did manage to snap this one, and it looks like Camille is playing King of the Pillow.
She seems to be feeling better, thank goodness. Today we did the last two of her breathing treatments. We still have a few more days of antibiotic, and then I’d love to be done with medicine for a while. But my pediatrician warned me. On the one hand, she said all of Camille’s illnesses are normal for a daycare baby, and that each year she’ll grow stronger and it’ll get easier. She also said to brace ourselves for a long hard winter this time around. But, her prediction (and our hope!) is that by the time Camille is three or four, she should have a great immune system and be the strongest kid on the block.