My Little Ming-Ming Duckling

As a candy-holic, I’ve always liked Halloween. But I was especially excited about this year, because we planned to take Camille trick-or-treating for the first time.
And it was so much fun! At least, I had fun. I think Camille thought it was okay. Interesting, perhaps. One day I’m sure the mere thought of all that door-to-door mayhem will send her into a fit of giggles, but last night I think she was wondering why I stuffed her into a fluffy duck outfit on a warm Savannah night.
Because it’s my maternal right! And duty, no less.
Miss Camille dressed as Ming-Ming Duckling from the Wonder Pets cartoon (my favorite character of course. Camille doesn’t really watch it). This was our inspiration:
Lee found a nice duck costume at Target, so all we had to do was add a Wonder Pets cape and an aviator hat. I thought the cape I made turned out well. The hat was more of a challenge, but Alva helped last weekend and came up with a creative strategy that involved an empty coolwhip container, some vinyl, and a hot glue gun. Unfortunately, I never could find the swimming goggles I’d planned to use to make the hat complete, but that’s okay because it only lasted for a few pics before she ripped it off repeatedly.
A Halloween Timeline
6:45 – Camille (a.k.a. Ming-Ming Duckling) is ready to Go! Go! Go!
6:46 – Camille is mad because we insist on taking pictures instead.
7:00 – Lee and Camille climb the steps of a neighbor’s walkway so she can have her first trick-or-treating experience. Will it be a trick? Or a treat?
7:05 – She got a kit-kat bar. Camille and Daddy walk back to the street. A small child is overheard saying, “She’s a Wonder Pet!” I am delighted. Most people apparently haven’t heard of the Wonder Pets. They don’t know what they’re missing.
7:15 – I help Camille select some sour green Nerds from another neighbor. I figured she’d like the way the box rattles. And I’d like to eat them for her.
7:30 – We’re back home. Two doors meant each parent had a chance to trick-or-treat with her, and I was fretting about how hot she must have been in that costume, so we made it a quick adventure. She looks exasperated, but I’m already looking forward to next year!