Got the Message

Camille seems to be learning more and more words every day, and is getting really good at understanding what we say to her. I think we’re getting better at understanding her too, and it’s been really cool to actually communicate with her.
Last night, I tucked her in and told her night-night, and came downstairs. I was listening carefully on the monitor for some sign of dissent, because we just cut out her nighttime bottle two days ago. All seemed well, and Lee and I were just settling onto the couch for a little tv when we heard her on the monitor starting to wiggle. Soon she was saying, “Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama,” into the monitor.
Hmmm… what to do? As usual, I started going through a mental list of what might be wrong. It’s so often a guessing game. Should I go in there? Let her work it out on her own? Did she need something? Was she wanting her bottle?
She wasn’t talking in a frantic way like she does when she’s really upset. It was a very matter of fact “Mama.” Like, “Mama, I need to tell you something.”
Then she said, “Mama. Mama. Mama. Diaper. Diaper. Mama. Mama.”
Did she really mean it? I had to know. Sure enough, her diaper was wet. I changed her, put her back in bed, sang her a song and walked out.
And she went to sleep without another peep. It was really neat not to have to guess, but to have her actually tell me what was bothering her.
Now if only she would tell me why she still wants to get up so early.