Some Christmas Cheer

We started off our Christmas revelry a little rockier than usual. I typically love picking out our tree and wanted to take Camille along for a big tree-picking adventure. But the weekend we’d planned to decorate, she was sick and we weren’t sure when she’d feel better, so we left her at home with Grammie while we rushed through the tree lot to pick one and hurry back. It sat naked in our living room for a couple of days before we finally got around to decorating it. Not my usual m-o.
But the tree looks great and is sparkling at me now, and last weekend, my holiday spirits were lifted. It finally felt like Christmas-time (although no thanks to the 80 degree weather!). Camille is feeling much better, so we got to re-enter society and enjoy some of the holiday happenings around town. We went to a Christmas party Friday night at a friend’s house and she was awesome. Then Saturday, we went to City Market for the Christmas festival and got this pic of Camille with Santa.
She wasn’t too sure about the guy, but seemed ok as long as Daddy was holding her. There were a few animals kids could touch – nothing big, but some cute bunnies and lizards and such. Camille couldn’t decide if this mouse was ok, but she finally touched his soft little fur before Mama broke out the hand sanitizer.
Sunday night our neighborhood held a Christmas party, and rented a trolly you could ride around to look at Christmas lights. Everyone on board sang Christmas carols, and Miss Baby seemed to enjoy the view.
This weekend we head to Tennessee to celebrate Christmas with Nana and Granddaddy, and I can’t wait! There’s a 50% chance of snow on Sunday – maybe we can get snowed in a bit…