Say Cheese!

There have been many moments when I’ve thought to myself, “I wish we were on a reality TV show so camera crews could just follow us around.” I say this for two reasons – 1.) because Camille is always doing something cute or hilarious and sometimes I’m too lazy or too caught up in the moment to go running for the camera, and 2.) I’ve really been wanting good pictures of all three of us. Usually, one of us is behind the camera, so family pics are hard to get.
Thankfully, Camille’s baby school fundraiser was finally worth something to us! We’ve had to sell wrapping paper, etc. to raise money for her school, but this latest fundraiser gave us an opportunity to purchase photos of the students taken by a professional photographer. For some extra dollars, he was also willing to take family portraits.
It was a gamble, because I wanted family photos, but I knew nothing about this guy. And could we really get any good family pictures at school? I’d imagined we’d have them taken downtown or in one of Savannah’s trademark squares or in the comfort of our home.
But I was pleasantly surprised. The photographer was so easy to work with, and took us out onto the school’s playground for our shoot. The problem is, there are so many good pictures I don’t know which ones to post. Or to print. They are all my favorites!
We got several good family photos. I love the one above with us on the slide, and I also really like this one of her crawling through the tunnel.
This one of her playing on the playground is just breathtaking to me. I love that little smile and those bright eyes.
This next one was one of the photographer’s favorites, and I love it too (of course!). But I didn’t like his interpretation. He said, “The photo says so much. It’s like she’s walking away, and it’s time to let go, mom.” No way!
That’s one reason why I like this next picture – because she still looks little in it, flanked by Mama and Daddy.
But – sigh – the picture that makes her look the most grown-up of all is the one he took of her inside the classroom against his black backdrop. It just looks so much like a yearbook photo, and I’m totally not ready for that. She’s so beautiful, but she’s gotta be my little baby for a while longer.