Happy Birthday to Nikki!

It was Nikki’s birthday, but I felt like the one getting a treat. The Valles family came into town Thursday night, just in time for some birthday cake and one (or two) strawberry daiquiris (for the adults, of course). We stayed up way past our bedtimes just talking about nothing and everything. It’s kind of nice how it worked out. I spent my 30th birthday at their house, and the schedules and stars aligned for her to spend her 30th at ours!
Friday morning the kids played and played. There was a good bit of coloring:
And a fair amount of horseplay.
As Camille and Nate get older, their age difference seems to matter less and less, so they play well together. But I’m always surprised and pleased to see how well Nia plays with Camille. Nia will be 5 in just a few months (hard to believe!), but she still seems to enjoy getting on the floor and rolling around with Cami. I know Cami loves it too.
They’re headed back home today, much to my dismay. I can’t help but have a small pity party, thinking, “If they still lived here, every Saturday could be like this…” But at least they’re not so far away that we never get to enjoy being with them. I’ll take what I can get!