Just a Tad Overwhelmed

My mind is racing, and can’t seem to focus on any one thought for long. I’m a bundle of nerves (and if you asked Lee, I bet he’d say I was cranky). It’s a good stress, but it’s still stressful.
We FINALLY heard back from the buyers at 10 p.m. last night. Only 54 hours past their deadline. We didn’t get exactly what we wanted, but we got a number we think we can live with, so we signed it. As of this morning, our house is under contract, contingent on the inspection.
What makes me want to kick and scream is that they absolutely wouldn’t budge on timeline. If all goes as planned, this time 2 weeks from now we’ll no longer own this home. They were insistent on the quick close, and said they had to take possession at closing, giving us no time to vacate. If they are in such a hurry, why did they drag their feet for 3 days before responding to our counter-offer? Argh!
Ummmmm… how exactly are we supposed to work full-time jobs, take care of a baby, and pack our whole house (and attic and workshop/garage) in 2 weeks? Still working that one out in my head.
Meanwhile, we made an offer on the house we want to buy, and we’ll hopefully know by Sunday whether or not the seller wants to play ball with us. I certainly hope so, because the house is vacant so there’s a chance we could move right in. However, I’m less freaked out about that than I was, thanks to the very kind offer of a friend who has a condo for rent. It’s an adorable home, fully furnished, and available to us to rent as temporary housing. Such a relief. If we end up needing shelter, that would be much better than living at the Motel 6.
So… there is so very much we need to do to get ready to move -but what am I doing right now? Sitting on the couch, typing. The inspection is happening tomorrow, and the potential buyers plan to be here during the inspection. We want the house to look nice and homey while they sit and imagine themselves living here. They have 7 days to back out of the deal, and we don’t want that. And what if we packed a bunch of boxes, then the inspection didn’t go well and the contract was voided? That’s our excuse for waiting just one more night before beginning to pack it all up.
That, and the fact that I’m so overwhelmed it’s nearly paralyzing. I’m excited about all the potential changes, but not really sure how to get it all done. Thankfully, Alva is here this weekend and can help keep Camille happy and entertained while we pack. Starting tomorrow, right?