Quick – somebody go hide some eggs, because this child loves to hunt.
Miss Camille has very much enjoyed this Easter season, as have I. One day I will teach her about the greater meaning of Easter, but for now she thinks the bunnies, candy, eggs and hunts are pretty cool.
Our Easter festivities kicked off with an Easter egg hunt at our church the weekend before last. There was a special area for the little ones, and the eggs were mostly scattered across the ground so there wasn’t much “hunting” involved. But that’s fine, because Camille is more of a “gatherer” at this stage.
She had a wonderful time walking around and picking up all the brightly colored eggs and bringing them back to her beloved basket, all to the cheers of an adoring crowd of onlookers (who lovingly call her “The Princess”). I’m not surprised she enjoyed herself, because when we’re at the park, she likes to collect small objects on the ground and bring them to me. Daffin Park would be free of all leaves and acorns if I let her have her way.
Friday, I took her to the mall to meet up with our friends Anne and Hart and to check out the chick hatchery. Camille wasn’t too sure about these yellow fuzzy creatures at first, and insisted that they were “ducks” instead of chicks. I can see why. She finally got brave enough to touch one, but didn’t really pet it. It was more of a poke, and I don’t think the chick approved. Camille preferred watching them run around the incubator.
Saturday we traveled to Boo’s house where Camille reached a very important milestone – she ate her first Peep. I LOVE these marshmallowy bunnies and chicks, and they have long been my favorite Easter treat. I try not to give Camille too many sweets, but Peeps are just that important. The verdict?
Then we dyed Easter eggs, and my little artist got to color all the eggs before we slipped them into the dye cups. She only smashed a couple and her drawings were quite nice, so I say it was a success.
She just looks so big to me. When did she get so big?
Sunday, we loaded up some food and the all-important Easter eggs and headed for Grandma Lou’s house in Moultrie for lunch and the annual family Easter egg hunt. Camille really enjoyed her time there. She wanted to be outside every possible minute, and several times took off running down the long driveway. I think she enjoyed having so much space to sprint uninhibited.
And of course, she loved the Easter egg hunt with her Boo. After lunch, she went back to the area where we had the hunt and started looking around and asking, “Eggs? Eggs?” So we had to hide some more for her.
We got some good pics, but I like this video Lee took of Camille mid-hunt. Notice that she LOVES her pink egg. Once she found it, she refused to put it in the basket and clutched it almost continuously as she hunted for other eggs.

Easter from Lee on Vimeo.
I was looking back at my Easter entry from last year and remembered that Easter weekend was the first time she crawled! My how things have changed.