Mother’s Day Weekend

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day weekend. I got to be with my girl and my mom, and had the chance to show Camille off to lots of family members I hadn’t seen in much too long. We went to Macon where my extended family always gathers the weekend of Mother’s Day. We haven’t been able to make the trip in a while, and in fact, I hadn’t seen most of these people since Christmas of 2006. When Camille was 5 months old. She’s changed just a little in that time…
The family luncheon at Aunt Glenda’s brought back a lot of great memories. I’d forgotten about the play room with cabinet after cabinet full of toys. So many of the toys I loved as a child were still there, just as I remembered them. I’m so happy Aunt Glenda held onto them, because her house is like a gigantic playland. And it was no surprise that Camille loved all the old toys too, and it was really neat watching her play with them now. She even had a few firsts – like her first drive in a car.
And her first experience on a big girl swing! She held on like a pro, and I think she was even a little proud of herself. I was proud of her. SO BIG!
She wanted to get in the pool so badly, but it was starting to storm and I didn’t want to chance it. But I look forward to bringing her back there again someday and letting her play in the pool where my cousin Lee first taught me to swim.
We also got to visit with Lee’s Dad and Donna on Friday, and then Saturday morning had the great treat of seeing Uncle Trent and his girlfriend Michelle. Trent was down from Cincinnati and met us for breakfast before heading back out of town. As we were driving to the restaurant, I told Camille we were going to say hi to Uncle Trent, and she started chanting, “Hi Tent! Hi Tent!” before we even got out of the car.
I was very glad to see my folks, because things have been so crazy for them lately and I needed to give them hugs. I was relieved to see Mom doing so well after her back surgery, and I was glad to spend the extra time with Dad before he left for China today.
But a real highlight was being with my sweet niece who has grown so much in the last 5 months.
She’s such a happy baby who likes to laugh and coo and blow bubbles and seemed to enjoy standing and bouncing in her aunt’s lap. I wondered how Camille would react to her, and I must say I was quite proud. Of course, Camille got pretty upset at first when she saw us holding Stella, and demanded that I hold her too. I wasn’t surprised – I mean, she doesn’t have to share Mommy with other babies too often, so I’m sure it was unsettling. But when Stella would be sitting on the ground playing, Camille seemed to enjoy sitting near her and interacting. Maybe it was all the new baby toys, but I’d like to think she also found Stella to be interesting too.
She was very gentle with Stella, and if she heard Stella starting to cry, she’d bring her a toy and try to make her happy again. And when I asked her if she would give Stella a hug, she leaned in so slowly and carefully as if she understood that she was the big cousin and needed to be gentle.
I think Stella likes her cousin too, and this weekend makes me even more excited about all the fun they’re going to have in the future. And all the fun I’ll have watching them grow.