My New Hobby

Several months ago, I bought Camille some super-cute felt hairclips from Maya Papaya on, and loved them so much. But unfortunately, all three have been lost, most likely in the mulch covering Camille’s playground at school. Then Jody sent Camille an adorable clip she made, which thankfully we still have, and I began toying with the idea of trying some myself.
I’m not a super-crafty person, but I still enjoy being creative and seeing a project through from beginning to end. I saw some more hairclips online this morning that were so cute I could eat them, and I knew Camille must have them. So I went to the fabric store, bought some felt, hairclips, beads, hot glue and embroidery thread to see if I could make them for her.
My first attempt was none other than Elmo, and he’s not perfect but he’s pretty cute. Best of all, Camille really seems to like him and wore the clip all afternoon and didn’t pull it out ONE TIME. That’s a big deal. Tonight, I made a watermelon in honor of summer and with fond memories of my Grandmother, who collected watermelon stuff and would’ve liked to have seen her great-grandbaby with a watermelon clip.
I’m learning as I go – like about how the clip looks fine when I lay it out, but when it’s stitched together the thread draws it in and can distort it a little – so I still have some kinks to work out. It’s fine if they look hand-made, but right now they’re looking home-made. But I’m beginning to feel addicted, and I’m already thinking about what clips I might make tomorrow. Maybe an owl… she’s into owls these days…