Ready or Not!

Lee and I have talked about potty training. We bought a little potty a couple of months ago and put it in our bathroom. And that’s about as far as our potty training has gone. Camille thought the potty was pretty cool when we first got it, and she’d often ask to sit on it, but it seemed like more of a throne than a potty with a purpose.
So tonight, when Mommy had to go tinkle (TMI – I know) Camille came along and asked to sit on her potty. I didn’t think much of it, but sat her up there and handed her a few books. And then suddenly – THERE WAS POO POO IN HER POTTY! I was excited and also a little freaked out because it was so unexpected. It’s not like we’ve been really talking to her about it or pushing the issue AT ALL. We just haven’t been in a big hurry. We don’t even have pull-ups or training pants. Do we need to buy flushable wipes? I feel clueless. I haven’t even bought a potty training book! How am I supposed to master a particular parenting skill without a proper manual?
I called for Lee so he could witness the momentous occasion and also supply some additional praise and congratulations to the big girl. She really didn’t act like it was a big deal, and it may have been a matter of good timing on our part and not necessarily a signal that she’s ready to be done with diapers. But I think it does mean some pull-up diapers are on my next shopping list, and I’ll have to dedicate at least a little time tonight to seeing what my good friend google has to say on the issue of potty-training.
I called my mom after the blessed event to tell her the good news. She got on the phone with Camille and asked her if she went poo poo in the potty. And Camille – who usually clams up on the phone – must’ve been feeling at least a little proud because she answered with a big, “Yes!”