Popsicle Party

Miss Camille got to be the birthday princess at baby school today when we had a little classroom birthday party. Last year we brought cupcakes and I thought about doing that again, but her hands-down-favorite treat right now is a popsicle. I felt a little badly for a millisecond that I wasn’t baking her party treat myself, but I got over it pretty quickly because it’s her party and it’s what she’d prefer anyway.
So this afternoon we had a popsicle party! All the kids were so cute seated at their tables, waiting for their popsicles. Some waited quietly and patiently, while others kept shouting “popsicle!” at me us as we distributed the goodies – but I thought they were a pretty well-behaved group for a bunch of toddlers!
I like this picture, because the birthday princess is happily eating her popsicle while the others are waiting. As it should be.
The party went well enough until it came to a crashing halt. Literally. Camille finished her popsicle, got up from the table and started running around the room, laughing. She’d run from one end to the other while everyone watched, and if I had to guess I’d say she was showing off a little, because it was her party after all. But then she got going a little too fast and ran smack into a wall (the popsicles were sugar-free, I swear!).
I couldn’t tell at first if she’d really hurt herself or just her feelings, but she was bawling pretty good. Then we saw the blood. Poor thing cut her tongue, and her top lip was swelling.
So there were plenty of tears, but her teacher got her some ice chips and that seemed to calm her down. Poor little kiddo! I felt so badly for her. Here’s hoping her party here on Saturday is all popsicle and no tears!