Two-Year Checkup

My big girl had her 2-year checkup today, and it went very well. The doctor had lots of great things to say about her health and development, which is always reassuring. Camille is 34 inches tall, which I was curious to find out because some people say you can double their height at age 2 to get an idea of their adult height. If true, she’ll be 5’8”, a full 4” taller than mama!
Here’s baby girl watching Elmo once we got back home, with a bandaid on her finger and a sticker on her shirt:
She loves bandaids. She had to have her finger pricked, which she fussed less about than having her measurements taken!
Funny thing is, that isn’t even the finger that got pricked. She moved the bandaid around from finger to finger all afternoon, always carefully holding up whichever finger currently held the bandage. Silly girl!