Lifting the Beach Moratorium

I can hardly believe it had been almost 2 months since our last trip to the beach. You know, that large expanse of water that is only about 25 minutes from my house.
But that’s how rotten our last beach experience was. It seemed like a lot of hassle to drag all our beach stuff across the dunes, only to have a baby who didn’t enjoy hanging out on the sand.
So we decided today to break our beach moratorium and give it another try. Camille hadn’t forgotten about the beach, because as soon as I walked down the stairs in my swimsuit, she asked, “Beach?”
I said, “Do you want to go to the beach?”
“Yeah! See ocean!”
We were very relieved after crossing the boardwalk that Camille wanted to play on the sand, and didn’t immediately rush into the ocean. She definitely still wanted to swim, which is fine because I like swimming too. But this time, she was willing to get out of the water too – and without a fight.
So I’m feeling very encouraged that our beach trips can be fun again! She really enjoyed herself, and I really enjoyed playing with her. Lee tried to get some photos, but she was a blur of action – so here’s a beach pic, up close and personal.
Now I’m hoping to get a chance for a few more beach photos before the season is over!