More Butter is Not Always Better

Erin and I enjoyed a nice treat Tuesday – a girls’ night out to the movies while sweet Lee stayed home with the kiddos. All day long, in anticipation of our outing, I thought about that yummy movie theater popcorn. And this theater has the butter dispensers on the counter so you can slather your popcorn to your exact liking. A tempting, yet dangerous option.

So I was surprised when we got our popcorn and I surveyed the room, but didn’t see the butter dispensers anywhere. I asked an employee, and she informed me that the butter dispenser was broken, and instead, she handed me a cup of pure melted movie theater butter. And it looked pretty gross.

Here’s a pic I took with my camera phone as Erin prepared to pour it on our popcorn.

Popcorn Butter-Pudding

That just doesn’t even look right. But what the heck – we decided to pour it on anyway. Unfortunately, unlike regular butter, it didn’t lightly oil the popcorn. It dropped like big globs of butter pudding all over the place.

Popcorn Butter-Pudding in Action

The kernels that had butter on them really HAD BUTTER on them. You could have eaten the butter with a fork, it was so thick. But the pieces that didn’t have butter poured directly on them weren’t buttered at all – which ended up being a good thing. After a few bites, we both felt like we were going to vomit, but didn’t want to waste all that popcorn. So we dumped the top layer in the trash, and had butter-free popcorn left in the bottom.

But my stomach still turns thinking about that tub-o-butter. Bleh.

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