Month: August 2008

Getting on My Good Side

Maybe Camille reads this blog, because today she decided to say something nice while I was trying on clothes instead of just repeating her usual insults. We were in a store fitting room, and as I checked out… Read More


This weekend rocked – both figuratively and literally. We traveled up to see the Valleses, and as usual, it was a ton of fun. It’s fun on two levels – I really enjoy getting to spend time with… Read More

A Resource in the Child Care Search

Okay – I normally don’t do this sort of thing. I usually just like to write for my own entertainment and don’t try to give advice, etc., but I thought this was worth passing along. As we continue… Read More

Lifting the Beach Moratorium

I can hardly believe it had been almost 2 months since our last trip to the beach. You know, that large expanse of water that is only about 25 minutes from my house. But that’s how rotten our… Read More